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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
NEC  163-238670 PCB
NEC  14B Control board
NEC  ADU 80F 11 NEC ADU 80F 11 Spindle drive
NEC  PCU-P-5343A Control board
NEC  ASU-15 NEC ASU-15 Motor control
NEE Controls  AMC-B NEE Controls AMC-B
NEIL & SPENCER  NS-100-00 Mother board
NELSON  750-534-000 Control PCB
Nematron  IWS-120-EC Nematron IWS-120-EC..
Nematron  IWS-3015T Nematron control panel IWS-3015T..
Nemicon  SBC-4096-6MD Nemicon SBC-4096-6MD Encoder..
Neo  HE550 Neo HE550 Power supply
Netsal  110.241.0247.A Netsal SSP2 110.241.0247.A PCB..
Netsal  110.240.9865A Netsal DSC4 110.240.9865A CPU Board
Netsal  110.241.0279 Netsal HCU2 110.241.0279 Control PCB
Netstal  110.241.2388 Netstal TOI 110.241.2388 Control PCB..
Netstal  110.240.9826 Netstal 110.240.9826 PCB
Netstal  110.240.9865A Netstal DSC4 110.240.9865A CPU Board
Netstal  110.241.0247.A Netstal SSP2 110.241.0247.A PCB..
Netstal  110.241.0279 Netstal HCU2 110.241.0279 Control PCB
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