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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
SHINKO  124-S/E Shinko 124-S/E Controller
SHINKO  C8-3VFT Shinko C8-3VFT Control Module
SHINKO  MCS 42 Shinko MCS 42 Temp. control
SHNEIDER SENATOR  49 Shneider Senator relay PCB P/N 49
SHNEIDER SENATOR  5 Shneider Senator 46 Power supply card
Shure Brothers, Inc  450 ShureBrothers Microphone 450
Sic Hauser  85099 Sic Hauser 85099 Control Unit
SICE  TR4 Sice TR4 Control PCB
SICK  WLG12-P537 SICK WLG12-P537 Photoyeye
SICK  AWS-1 Safety Light Grid System
SICK  DME5000-211 Sick DME5000-211 Distance measuring device
SICK  AGSE-300-1211 Lifht curtain
SICK  LGTN101-311 Sick LGTN101-311 Control Unit
SICK  DRS60-BDA04096 Sick DRS60-BDA04096 Encoder
SIEB & MEYER Sieb & Meyer P/N CPU
SIEB & MEYER  44.01.7B Sieb & Meyer P/N 44.01.7B A-Axis Control PCB
SIEB & MEYER  26.40.2 DC Servo
SIEI  TPD32-500/520-350-4B SIEI TPD32-500/520-350-4B Motor Controller
SIEI  TPD32-500/520-185-4B SIEI TPD32-500/520-185-4B DC Motor drive
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