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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
Sanyo-Denki  60BA100SFW01 Sanyo-Denki 60BA100SFW01 Servo Amplifier
Sanyo-Denki  PDT-203G Sanyo-Denki PDT-203G San Driver
Sanyo-Denki  60BA100SFW02 Sanyo-Denki 60BA100SFW02 Servo Amplifier
Sanyo-Denki  65BA030VDT13 Sanyo-Denki 65BA030VDT13 Servo Amplifier.
Sanyo-Denki  67ZA150MXXXC01 Sanyo-Denki 67ZA150XXXC01 BL Super Servo Drive
Sanyo-Denki  APC-400C-4 Sanyo-Denki APC-400C-4 Position controller.
Sanyo-Denki  P10B13050HXA02 Sanyo-Denki P10B13050HXA02 Servo motor
Sanyo-Denki  20BA100FFW01 Sanyo-Denki 20BA100FFW01 Servo Amplifier
Sanyo-Denki  P50B07040DXA020D Sanyo-Denki P50B07040DXA020D Servo motor
Sanyo-Denki  20BA090FFW14 Sanyo-Denki 20BA090FFW14 Servo Amplifier
Sanyo-Denki  PU-P050 Sanyo-Denki PU-P050 Servo Amplifier.
Sanyo-Denki  PW0A100PXXX1D00 Sanyo-Denki PW0A100PXXX1D00 Servo amplifier
Sanyo-Denki  Tachogenerator Tachogenerator module for Sanyo-Denki motor 20BM120MXP 3K
Sanyo-Denki  P10B13150HBA02 Sanyo-Denki P10B13150HBA02 Servo motor
Sanyo-Denki  20BA030FFW14 Sanyo-Denki 20BA030FFW14 Servo Amplifier
Sanyo-Denki  20BA100FFW57B Sanyo-Denki 20BA100FFW57B Servo Amplifier
Sanyo-Denki  20BA030FFW54 Sanyo-Denki 20BA030FFW54 Servo control
Sanyo-Denki  20BA025FXWU0 Sanyo-Denki 20BA025FXWU0 Servo Amplifier
Sanyo-Denki  20BA050FFW14 Sanyo-Denki 20BA050FFW14 Servo Amplifier
Sanyo-Denki  20BA050FFW55 Sanyo-Denki 20BA050FFW55 Servo Amplifier
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