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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
SECO  Q7005 Seco Q7005 DC Drive
SECO  8300 SCR Speed Control
SEEKA/TAKEX  ASW-U825 Seeka/Takex ASW-U825 Sensor.
SEIBERCO  AIM 4500 Seiberco AIM 4500 Motor Control
SEIBERCO  AIM 5000 Seiberco AIM 5000 Servo amplifier
SEIBERCO  AIM4500 Motor control unit.
SEIKI  IO-128A Hitachi Seiki IO-128A (21-02-00-00) I/O PCB
SEIKI  HT20511 Seiki HT20511 Control PCB..
SEIKI  SLPW ED139 Seiki SLPW ED139 Power Supply
SEIKI  HG400-M-DIS Seiki iHG400-M-DIS Backplane
SEIKI  AB12C-0106 Seiki Key board/PCB assembly AB12C-0106
SEIKI  PS402 Seiki PS402 Power Supply
SELECTRON  PEX 256 Selectron PEX 256 extension PCB for PLC 256
SELECTRON  PLC 256 Selectron PLC 256
SELECTRON  PMC 22D/01 Selectron PMC 22D/01 311.0225 PLC
SELESCO  PT420-0050-111-1110 Transducer.
SELESCO  PT8101-0050-111-4110 Selesco PT8101-0050-111-4110 String Potentiometer
Semitool  910T0354-01 Semitool 910T0354-01 Control Block..
Semitool  900C0336-501 Semitool Motor control P/N 900C0336-501
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