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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
Robert Shaw  310-B4-B5 Robert Shaw 310-B4-B5
Robicon  362888.01 Robicon 362888.01 PCB
Robicon  560442.00 Robicon 560442.00 Control ID PWM PCB
Robosoft  338-0207V3 Robosoft P/N 338-0207V3 Power supply PCB ..
Robosoft  338-0204V6 Robosoft P/N 338-0204V6 Control
Robotech  TR811 Robotech TR811 Temp. Controller
Robotron  Series 100 Robotron Series 100 Controller
ROCKWELL  8000301C Rockwell 8000301C Control PCB
ROCKWELL  E26317-1 Rockwell E26317-1 Control PCB
ROCKWELL  445L-T4S03S0Y Rockwell445L-T4S03S0Y Control
Roj Electrotex  57D2/09E60 Roj Electrotex 57D2/09E60 Control..
Roland Electronic  D-7538 Roland Electronic D-7538 PCB
ROPEX  RES-242 Ropex RES-242 Control Unit
ROPEX  RES-220 Ropex RES-220 Controller
ROPEX  RES-614 Temp. control
ROPEX  RES-102 Registron
ROSEMOUNT  01984-1273-0001 Output card
ROSEMOUNT  04000-500-61-93 Channel card
ROSEMOUNT  DLM50 Level monitor
ROSEMOUNT  07500-0130-000 PCB
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