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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
MITSUBISHI  AJ65SBTB1-32D Mitsubishi Melsec AJ65SBTB1-32D Input Unit
MITSUBISHI  MDS-C1-V2-4545 Mitsubishi MDS-C1-V2-4545 Servo Amplifier
MITSUBISHI  MR-S1-200-E31 Mitsubishi MR-S1-200-E31 Servo Control
MITSUBISHI  A3a CPU Mitsubishi Melsec A3a CPU
MITSUBISHI  A2N CPU P21 Mitsubishi Melsec A2N CPU P21
MITSUBISHI  A1s62p Mitsubishi:Melsec A1s62p Power supply
MITSUBISHI  FR-FD TD840A491G51 Mitsubishi FR-FD TD840A491G51 Deviation Detector
MITSUBISHI  FX-25DU Mitsubishi FX-25DU Data Access Unit
MITSUBISHI  MR-S1-100-E01 Mitsubishi MR-S1-100-E01 Servo drive
MITSUBISHI  P60P Mitsubishi:Melfa P60P Controller
MITSUBISHI  MDS-C1-V2-7045 Mitsubishi MDS-C1-V2-7045 Servo drive..
MITSUBISHI  Ax41 Mitsubishi Ax41 Module
MITSUBISHI  A9GT-TBA-EU Mitsubishi A9GT-TBA-EU Touch Screen Control
MITSUBISHI  FR-SE-2-26K Mitsubishi FR-SE-2-26K Spindle drive
MITSUBISHI  FR-A220E-18.5 Mitsubishi FR-A220E-18.5 motor controller
MITSUBISHI  FR-A025-1.5 Mitsubishi FR-A025-1.5 Inverter
MITSUBISHI  FR-A024-3.7 Mitsubishi FR-A024-3.7 Inverter
MITSUBISHI  FR-A024-1.5K Mitsubishi FR-A024-1.5K Inverter
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