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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
GIDDINGS & LEWIS  502-03064-10 Giddings & Lewis 502-03064-10 PCB
GIDDINGS & LEWIS  DSM130 Giddings & Lewis Centurion DSM-130 motor control
GIDDINGS & LEWIS  502-03092-00 Giddings & Lewis 502-03092-00 PCB
GIDDINGS & LEWIS  PiC900 Giddings & Lewis PiC900 Card
GIDDINGS & LEWIS  502-03518-02R1 Giddings & Lewis 502-03518-02R1 Programmable Industrial Computer
GIDDINGS & LEWIS  502-03326-00 Giddings & Lewis 502-03326-00 PCB
GIDDINGS & LEWIS  501-03883-01 Giddings & Lewis 501-03883-01 Memory card
Giken Industrial Co  AU3524N245 Giken Industrial Co AU3524N245 Servo Control Module
Giken Industrial Co  AU3525N1 Giken Industrial Co AU3525N1 Power Supply
Giken Industrial Co  GFC.S2 Giken Industrial Co GFC.S2 Control
Gimbal  80-3651-1-C Gimbal 80-3651-1-C Motor
GLENTEK  GA4571P-1 RepairGlentek GA4571P-1 DC Motor Control
GLENTEK  GA4568 Glentek GA4568 Ampl. Control
GLENTEK  3703 Glentek GA 3703 Motor control PCB
GLENTEK  GA369-1 CMA Glentek GA369-1 CMA Servo DC Amplifier
Glunz & Jensen  HPU 56036-B Glunz & Jensen A/S HPU 56036-B Motor Control I/O PCB
Glunz & Jensen  HPU 59193-B Glunz & Jensen HPU 59193-B Motor Control I/O PCB
Goring-Kerr  XT8908 Goring-Kerr XT8908 Metal Detector
Goring-Kerr  TEK-21DSP Goring-Kerr TEK-21DSP Unit
Goring-Kerr  TEK-21 Goring-Kerr TEK-21 Control unit.
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