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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
Goring-Kerr  TEK-21DSP Goring-Kerr TEK-21DSP Unit
Goring-Kerr  TEK-21 Goring-Kerr TEK-21 Control unit.
GORRING-KERR  TEK21 TEK21 Control unit.
GORRING-KERR  XT8908 Metal Detector
GORRING-KERR  TEK21-DSP TEK21 Control unit
Goss/Fincor  1041270-G Goss/Fincor 1041270-G Firing Control..
GOULD  A332-AB Gould A332-AB
GOULD  A338-01-AB83925R Control
GOULD  PC0085 Control
GOULD  A338-01-AB Gould A338-01-AB83925R
GOULD  A338-01AB Gould A338-01AB
GOULD  C231-1054-100-AD Gould C231-1054-100-AD Drive
GOULD  Aquavar Gould Aquavar Motor Controller..
Goyen  200-03D Goyen 200-03D Sequential Timer PCB
Graco  556023 Graco Maxi-Monitor 556023 Control
GRAFA ELECTRONICS  4110-011-22R Counter
GRAFA ELECTRONICS  4011-7001-2B Counter
GRAFIX  HDMS9.164.1441/01 Grafix HDMS9.164.1441/01 Control Assy.
GRAFIX  HDM61.164.1917/03 Grafix HDM61.164.1917/03 Control Assy.
GRAFIX  D-75240 Grafix (Klashka D-75240) D16KECK-3.3 Control unit
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