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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
FENWAL  FRMT2 B2 Fenwal Controller FPMT2 B2
FERAG  526.787.012 Ferag 526.787.012 Control PCB
FERAG  527.095.002 FERAG 527.095.002 Control
FERAG  323-084/070 Ferag PCP-57 323-084/070 PC- Terminal
FERAG  527.317.023 Ferag 527.317.023 Control PCB
FESTO  SPC-100-P Festo SPC-100-P CPU
FIFE  A-2-117821E Control PCB
FIFE  46718-007 A-9 Control Panel
FIFE Corp.  46718-007 processor 46718-007 A-9 Control Panel
FIFE Corp.  A-2-117821-E FIFE A-2-117821-E
FIFE Corp.  A9-993-ZAL FIFE Corp. A9-993-ZAL Control
FINCOR  1044600 Fincor 1044600 Field Supply PCB
FINCOR  9131/A/C/G Control board
FINCOR  3135S0053A 3135 5HP Drive
FINCOR  DC2200 Fincor Regenerative DC Motor Drive P/N DC2200 1Hp.
FINCOR  10545464 Fincor 10545464 (1900-77) PID Dancer con control
FINCOR  6400 Fincor 6400 AC Motor Control
FINCOR  2300 Fincor 2300 DC Drive.
FINCOR  2331 Fincor 2331 Motor control
FINCOR  104731301 Fincor 104731301 Signal Processor PCB
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