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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
FANUC  A16B-1211-030 Fanuc A16B-1211-030 Control PCB
FANUC  A06B-6058-H221 Fanuc A06B-6058-H221 Servo drive
FANUC  A06B-0142-B075 Fanuc A06B-0142-B075 encoder
FANUC  A06B-6058-H223 Fanuc A06B-6058-H223 Servo Control
FANUC  A16B-1210-0480 Fanuc A16B-1210-0480 I/O PCB
FANUC  A16B-1100-020 Fanuc A16B-1100-0200
FANUC  A14B-0082-B206-01 Fanuc A14B-0082-B206-01 Laser Power supply unit
FANUC  A14B-0067-B002 Fanuc A14B-0067-B002 Power supply
FANUC  A14B-0061-B002-02 Fanuc A14B-0061-B002-02 Power Unit
FANUC  A06B-6089-H104 Fanuc A06B-6089-H104 a-Series AC Servo unit
FANUC  A06B-6088-H222 Fanuc A06B-6088-H222 Servo Drive
FANUC  A06B-6079-H104 Fanuc A06B-6079-H104 Servo Amplifier
FANUC  A06B-6059-H206 Fanuc A06B-6059-H206 Servo Amplifier
FANUC  A06B-6066-H224 Fanuc A06B-6066-H224 2-Axis Servo drive
FANUC  A06B-6058-H004 Fanuc A06B-6058-H004 Motor Control
FANUC  A16B-1212-0220 Fanuc A16B-1212-0220 Card
FANUC  A20B-0008-0242 Fanuc A20B-0008-0242 Orientation PCB
FANUC  A20B-0008-0030/05C Fanuc A20B-0008-0030/05C Orientation Control Card.
FANUC  A16B-2200-0220 Fanuc A16B-2200-0220 Control PCB
FANUC  A16B-2100-0142 Fanuc A16B-2100-0142 Master board
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