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We also provide repair service for parts not listed in our catalog, if you do not find your specific part in our catalog/database please contact us for more information.

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OEM 5 Part Number Description Exchange
FINCOR  2300 Fincor 2300 DC Drive.
FINCOR  2331 Fincor 2331 Motor control
FINCOR  104731301 Fincor 104731301 Signal Processor PCB
FINCOR  105239902-E Fincor 105239902-E Speed reference board
FINCOR  1045960 Fincor 1045960 Motor Control PCB
FINCOR  3160M Fincor 3160M DC Motor drive
FINCOR  2302X3 Fincor 2302X3 2300 FHP-2HP
FINCOR  10362900 Fincor 10362900 Firing Control PCB..
FINCOR  105456401 Fincor P/N 105456401 Dancer control PCB
Fine Sodick  HR-MOS-02B Fine Sodick HR-MOS-02B Control PCB
Fine Sodick  2PS709D Fine Sodick NR-M0S-02B 2PS709D Power Control PCB
FINLUX  MD512.256-37 Finlux P/N MD512.256-37 Display
FIREFLY  Type 0-A (P) Firefly Type 0-A (P) Control PCB
FIREYE  C4000 Fireye C4000 Flame Control
FIREYE  MP230 Fireye MP230 Programmer Module.
FIREYE  UVM-1F Fireye UVM-1F Module
Fisher Scientific  AB15 Fisher Scientific AB15 pH Meter..
FIXTULASER  1-0318 Fixtulaser 1-0318 Pulley Alignment Tool
FLair  1262789/ M360520-002 Flair 1262789/ M360520-002 Control PCB
FLASH TECHNOLOGY  2-4988-01 Flash Technology P/N 2-4988-01 PCB
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